Looking to Develop Your Unique Creativity?

Some people seem more naturally creative than others. We usually associate creativity with writers, artists, musicians, and dancers – things associated with the arts. But creativity is a valuable skill that anyone can use, whether you’re being asked to look for an out-of-the-box solution at work, or just to come up with something fun and interesting to do with your friends this weekend. 

What are some quick things you can do to develop that creative habit?

  1. Decide to be creative. As with anything, you’re never going to improve in an area until you sit down and decide that you’re going to. You must commit to being creative. Then set up a plan to carry out that commitment.
  1. Specialise. It’s hard to see a creative solution to a problem you don’t understand. Take the time to educate yourself in the area where you wish to be creative. Learn it inside and out, and then examine it again, from the point of view that comes from understanding.
  1. Be curious. When something interests you, take note of it. Write down your questions. Use these as jumping off points when you’re looking to be creative.
  1. Become a risk-taker. Don’t stick with the tried and true solutions. Ask yourself how you can do things differently? Then jump in and try things that way to see how they go.
  1. Drop the negativity. By thinking you can’t find a solution, or that it’s impossible to be creative, you have already failed. Don’t create self-fulfilling prophecies. Instead, decide you will succeed, that the solution is already there.
  1. Brainstorm. Throw out ideas, one after another. Get wild and crazy and see what sticks. The best creative ideas come out of the silly ones.
  1. Know there’s more than one right way to get something done. If something isn’t working, that doesn’t mean there’s no solution – only a solution you haven’t found yet. Keep trying. Look for the other ways things might work.
  1. Look for inspiration. Spend time exploring other people’s creativity to stimulate your own. Visit art galleries. Listen to music. Read books. Explore the world around you and see what touches off a creative spark in you.
  1. Let things snowball. Jump from one idea into another and another and another. See where the creative path takes you. Maybe you won’t find the solution to the problem you’re working on, but you might find the solution to something else, so jot down the best ideas that crop up.

 Creativity doesn’t have to be out of reach, even if you tend to think of yourself as an un-creative person. By working to develop your creativity, you’ll enjoy more success in your work and home life and will learn new ways to think and do things. With so much benefit, isn’t it time to find that new and exciting more creative version of you?


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